Janković Manor


45° 47' 57.22'' N
17° 29' 52.11'' E
Vukovarska street 4

The starting point for the development of this project was the need to preserve the cultural, historical and architecturally valuable Janković Manor in Suhopolje of its further deterioration. Facilities for guests include a multimedia area (5D cinema), a souvenir shop, and accommodation and catering facilities. The Janković Manor has a rank of protected cultural heritage, while the historic park where the manor is located is protected as a natural landscape object and a monument of garden architecture.  

The project of reconstruction was done in cooperation with conservators, while respecting the historical heritage and preserving the valuable historical elements of the building. The main building was reconstructed and both wings were creatively reinterpreted in a modern way due to irreversible structural damage.


The main manor building has baroque features: an irregular floor plan, a pitched roof and the north facade in the role of the main facade. The new design fully respects its historical architectural and stylistic features. The internal structure, spaciousness, volume and historical organization of the castle space have been maximally preserved.

The facades were reconstructed in a modern way, and important historical elements were preserved: part of the eastern facade with a reconstructed arched arcade porch, basement vaults and brick walls. The stone spiral staircase was completely devastated and was replaced with pigmented concrete in the same shape and form during the reconstruction. Both manor wings had the function of farm buildings in the past. Respecting their volume and form, new wings were made through a creative reinterpretation that preserve the architecturally urban character of the complex.

The main building and the east wing are connected by a fully glazed corridor (walls and ceiling) to create a warm connection between them. The transparent volume enables better communication, and does not visually disturb the existing solid volumes. Another connecting element with the main building is the neo-Gothic portico, which is glazed to create a warm connection between the main building and the west wing with the restaurant. This corridor is also used as an entrance to the castle courtyard.

Content-wise, the main building houses a visitor center, cafe and accommodation units on the upper floor. Catering facilities are located in the west wing: restaurant / tasting room, kitchen and storerooms. a wellness area with an indoor pool is located in the eastern wing, together with office spaces and accommodation units.

Fact Sheet

Project name

Janković Manor

project number



public, hospitality




2013 - 2013


2017 - 2021


Croatia, Suhopolje, Vukovarska street 4

Site area

74430 m²


2890 m²


13620 m³


1280 m²




Suhopolje Municipality

Project Team

Saša Begović, Marko Dabrović, Tatjana Grozdanić Begović, Silvije Novak, Kristina Marković, Zoran Šuša, Krunoslav Szoersen, Dragana Šimić, Vesna Jelušić, Dijana Vandekar, Larisa Čišić, Valentina Nemet

Project team collaborators

Ivana Šajn

Structural Engineering

Studio Arhing - Juraj Pojatina

Mechanical Installations

Eksperterm - Igor Karačić, Mislav Pepeš

Plumbing and Drainage

Eksperterm - Ivan Vajdić

Electrical Engineering

ETS - Farago - Gordana Duić

Sprinkler installation

Sprinkler - Branimir Samac

Fire Protection / Strategy / Safety Project

Flamit - Željko Mužević

Specialist Design - Kitchen Technology

Dekode - Zoran Divjak

Building Physics, Details

AKFZ studio - Mateo Biluš

Pool Systems

Vodotehnika-projekt - Nenad Šutevski

Lighting design

Ortoforma - Ninoslav Kušter

Landscape Design

Kristina Lukačević; Vrtni Design - Luka Brnić

Conservational study

Biserka Bilušić Dumbović

Restoration and research project

Vjekoslav Varšić


Boris Goreta, Mario Harni, Branimir Turčić


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