Hotel Marjan


43°30'20'' N
16°25'49'' E
Obala kneza Branimira 8

The concept of the complete reconstruction of Hotel Marjan retains all the urban planning set-up of the original design by Lovro Perković. It consists of a horizontal three-story base with two atriums, which are surrounded by the hotel's public areas, and a vertical line that retains the functions defined by the original design. The entire reconstruction will be carried out within the dimensions of the existing building.
The design has been conceived in several elements, all of which are ultimately aimed at embedding the building into the cityscape – creating a pedestrian connection with the neighboring plots, opening the atrium to bring light to the ground floor, ensuring an optimal view for the tower, adding attractive facilities to the roof, activating the ground floor and connecting it with the urban fabric of the city's West Coast.

The basement will feature an underground garage. The public areas will be located on several levels from the ground floor to the roof floor of the lower part of the building. The large atrium on the ground floor, which is richly planted with the Mediterranean plant species, serves as a living-room area that the two restaurants on the ground floor and the hotel lobby face. The second part of the lobby and the congress hall face the smaller atrium.

The closed part of the wellness area will be located on the 1st and 2nd floors. It will consist of an indoor pool, an exercise area and a spa area with saunas, relaxation areas and massage rooms.
The third floor, which is also the roof of the lower part of the building, will feature the open part of the wellness area, with two outdoor pools, sunbathing areas and catering facilities. The roof of the lower part of the hotel will also feature a fine dining restaurant with a covered terrace overlooking Split.

The accommodation units will be situated on the upper floors and almost all will have the sea view. Those in the lower part of the building will have contact with the outside space in the form of terraces or balconies, while the rooms and suites in the tower will be transformed into a loggia by the opening of large glass sliding walls. The hotel will have a total of 285 accommodation units.

Studio 3LHD from Zagreb is in charge of the architectural design, and Lissoni Architettura from Milan, a company we have already collaborated with on the Grand Park Hotel project in Rovinj, is responsible for the interior design of the hotel.

Fact Sheet

Project name

Hotel Marjan

project number





under construction


2019 -


2023 -


Croatia, Split, Obala kneza Branimira 8

Site area

11624 m²


40300 m²


9280 m²


2.25 m




ADRIS group

Project team 3LHD

Saša Begović, Marko Dabrović, Tatjana Grozdanić Begović, Paula Kukuljica, Silvije Novak, Zorislav Petrić, Ivana Šajn, Dalia Colić, Denis Hrvatin, Nives Krsnik Rister, Leon Lazaneo, Marija Mihaljević, Nikolina Muža, Marko Ramov, Jelena Stambolić, Elena Šimić, Nina Žaja, Marko Perač Kovač

Project team Lissoni Associati

Tania Zaneboni, Ilia D`Emilio, Greta Andreoni, Rachele Mambrini, Iacopo Taddeo

Electrical engineering – pool systems

Agenor Plus - Željko Omrčen

Irrigation project

In-Aqua - Zlatko Kramarić


PPN projekt - Rok Pietri

Pool Systems

BAZ projekt - Dragan Zgaga

Sprinkler installation

APIN projekt - Branimir Cindori

Glass façade structural project

Hplan - Hrvoje Pavelić

Deep foundation and foundation pit protection project

KREŠO GEO - Domagoj Šajn

Traffic Planning Project

C5 Koncept - Josip Pavlek

Landscape Design

OpOp studio - Željko Radišić

Building Physics, Details

AKFZ studio - Mateo Biluš

Fire safety

Inspekting - Josip Radeljić

Special projects - kitchen technology

Dekode - Zoran Divjak

Drainage and hydrant network

iC artprojekt - Nikola Zadravec

Interior Design

Lissoni Associati

Electrical engineering – fire alarm project

iC artprojekt - Boris Kramarić

Electrical engineering – electric substation project

iC artprojekt - Boris Kramarić

Electrical Engineering

iC artprojekt - Boris Kramarić

Mechanical Installations

iC artprojekt - Srećko Lačen

Visualizations (3LHD)

Branimir Turčić, Mario Harni

Contributors (Lissoni Associati)

Fabrizia Bazzana, Giorgio Pappas, Tianzhou Chen, Roberto Berticelli

3D Artists (Lissoni Associati)

Alberto Massi Mauri, Aessandro Grasso

Custom Made Furniture Development (Lissoni Associati)

Hanna Ehlers, Francesco Canesi Lissoni, Marco Gottardi, Dora Manzini, Marta Fancellu, Umar Green, Enea Colombo, Jules McGannon, Vittorio Volpato

Structural Engineering

Radionica statike - Josip Galić


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