Green Pavilion_Restaurant


45° 49' 41'' N
16° 1' 46'' E
Tvrtko Miloš Street / Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry Campus

The most important element and the inspiration for this project is the location itself, with extremely high-quality existing vegetation, which is densely distributed throughout the plot and gradually diluted out toward the eastern edge. The idea of the new Pavilion / Restaurant is to construct a space by mapping the area of high-quality trees and to define the remaining territory for construction. By raising this "cut" green territory in the air the space “below” is created. The basic formal and functional element and a seasonal regulator of light is so-called “vegetative” canopy that has been formed along the entire roof edge.

Open atrium spaces which let the light enter all parts of the building and provide visual and physical connections with the natural environment are created to enhance transparency in the area around the trees. The large entrance atrium is the main entrance Plaza, a meeting place, an open terrace and a main entrance to all building spaces. Two main restaurants (canteen and a’la carte) are located next to two main building atriums. The canteen space is oriented to the Forest Park and the sliding doors enable its expansion to the outside environment. 

Accommodation units with ten apartments inspired by small temporary buildings and greenhouses that have always been present throughout the campus, were designed as freestanding volumes raised on the roof for privacy. Zones with different plants which also serve educational purposes were formed around the apartments, on the roof surface.

The idea is to create a sustainable house, which will contribute to the environment in every aspect. The roof and its oversized vegetative canopy are excellent regulators of heat, a thick protective cover that keeps the house from cold in winter and heat in summer.
The landscape design is an integral part of the basic architecture concept and the whole plot. The largest part of the roof surface is covered with succulents typical for roof gardens; other areas are organized into regular shapes inspired by plant growing plots.

Fact Sheet

Project name

Green Pavilion_Restaurant

project number



public, culture, education, residential




2010 - 2010


2014 - 2021


Croatia, Zagreb, Tvrtko Miloš Street / Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry Campus

Site area

4536 m²


1600 m²


1702 m²


130.2 m




University of Zagreb

Project Team

Saša Begović, Marko Dabrović, Tatjana Grozdanić Begović, Silvije Novak, Paula Kukuljica, Nevena Kuzmanić, Sanja Jasika Lovrić, Vesna Šoić, Leon Lazaneo, Eugen Popović, Ivana Šajn, Nives Krsnik Rister, Koraljka Brebrić Kleončić

Project team collaborators

Anna Kocsis

Landscape Design

Ines Hrdalo

Structural Engineering

KAP4 - Nikola Miletić

Specialist Design - Kitchen Technology

Dekode - Zoran Divjak


Ured Tri T - Mario Lukenda

Plumbing and Drainage

Hit-projekt - Slavko Šimunović

Electrical Engineering

Nova-lux - Zlatko Galić

Building Physics

AKFZ studio - Mateo Biluš

Bill of Quantities

Forel projekt - Lucija Ivas

Cost Consultant

Josip Karaman, Mediha Ahmetović


Boris Goreta


Jure Živković


Construction Site

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