Hotel Lone has opened up space for a series of further interventions that connect the private and public domains. The Lone Outdoor Pools, and even more so the Mulini Beach and promenade, are places where the public urban space overlaps with the tourist economy. Specifically, for Mulini Beach, a complex of elegant pavilions, the beach itself, and the surrounding public space, a series of outdoor furniture Umomoku has been designed, which can also have its interior application. 

In the spirit of a hedonistic view of tourism, the concept insists on maximum comfort and, in a way, on visual communication of the same. Namely, the harmonious wooden construction of the furniture is the basis for generously dimensioned cushions. The wooden structure is geometrically strict, composed of elements of square cross-section with visible simple carpentry joints. Only the places where the furniture is grasped, for example, to lift the armchair, are treated with rounded corners. In addition to the ergonomic role, this detail serves as a sort of re-rhetorical instruction for the use of furniture. The geometrically strict form of the construction is juxtaposed with luxurious cushions, yielding support into which the body sinks. 

The construction also plays an important formal role because the grid of wooden slats forms a rhythmic structure and a typical architectural play of "light and shadow". This is particularly evident in the tables that stack modularly, and by turning them among each other, dynamic combinations of geometric structures are created. The architectural "touch" is also seen in the small tray/base for glasses and plates, which is an independent, minimalist element that is inserted into the construction of the lounger at any position. 

The entire system is low-tech, with the simplest possible solutions in the spirit of outdoor use. The choice of materials, production technology, and details logically correspond to the affinities and capabilities of the most important Croatian furniture manufacturer Prostoria, which has achieved perfection in solid wood processing.

Fact Sheet

product name


product number



residential, hospitality




2016 - 2017


2016 - 2017

product type

armchair, sofa, coffee table, bench, deck chair, tray

product kind

outdoor furniture







Project Team

Saša Begović, Marko Dabrović, Ema Gerovac, Tatjana Grozdanić Begović, Paula Kukuljica, Silvije Novak


Vanja Šolin (art direction Grupa, for Prostoria), Jure Živković

Graphic design - logo

Dora Bilandžić

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